The College has a sustainability committee that meets each term. This group consists of interested staff and students from across the College who meet to discuss ways the College can become more sustainable and to put into place strategies for these improvements.

We welcome Abigail Wren as the Sustainability Captain and member of the sustainability committee for 2016. Abigail brings a huge amount of enthusiasm to the role and will provide leadership to the student body and wider community on sustainable practices.

What kinds of good environmental and spiritual habits will you develop in the next 40 days? Have you thought about giving up carbon consumption for Lent? This Lenten Carbon Fast Calendar 2016 from the CLRI NSW provides an action idea for each day of Lent.

The calendar can be downloaded here.

Green tip: Did you know you can reduce your computer's energy use by about 85% each day by two simple actions?

  • Turn off your computer before bed each night and before you go out for the day
  • Reduce the timer setting for the computer's sleep mode for when the computer is idle, to just a short time.

You can make a difference every day!

Neil van Herk - Sustainability Coordinator