Music News


  • The 2016 Music & Drama Calendar. At the beginning of each term, I will email the details of each event occurring that term (date, venue, ensembles involved, etc.). Details of upcoming events are also listed in the 'Music News' section of the weekly College Newsletter.
  • The 2016 Ensemble Timetable. Refer to this document for weekly rehearsal times/locations for all instrumental ensembles and choirs. Many ensembles are still open to new members - see the calendar for audition times.
  • The 2016 Music Handbook. This outlines all the Music Department policies and procedures regarding Instrumental Tuition and Co-curricular Music at the College.


  • Mr James Kros. Mr Kros will be teaching Years 7-9 Classroom Music and co-teaching the Year 11 ATAR course. As Head of Strings, he will direct the String Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra and String Quartets. He will also direct the Liturgical Choirs (Primary Singers and Chapel Choir), Wanju Voices and Treble Choir.
  • Ms Veronica Pulker. Ms Pulker will be teaching Voice through the Instrumental Tuition program at the College.
  • Ms Emily Clements. Ms Clements will be teaching Flute through the Instrumental Tuition program at the College and will also direct the Junior Flute Ensemble.
  • Mr Giovanni Vinci. We welcome Mr Vinci to the College as our one and only Double Bass Tutor!


  • Junior String Quartet and Senior String Quartet. For advanced string players in the Primary and Secondary schools. Auditions will take place at the same time as the String Auditions (Monday 15 Feb, 7:15-8:30am in the MacKillop Room). Students in the String Quartets need to also be members of a large string ensemble (Chamber Orchestra or String Orchestra).
  • Small Combo. For advanced instrumentalists from the Secondary school with a focus on the jazz style. Auditions will take place in Week 2 (details from Mr Ryder to follow). Students in the Small Combo need to also be members of the Swing Band.


Instrumental lessons have commenced or will commence in Week 2. Your Tutor will be in contact to advise you of the lesson schedule for Semester 1. Please note that lessons for the Year 3 Strings Program and Year 5 Band Program will not start until Week 4.


Existing members of the following ensembles are welcomed back in 2016, and new members are encouraged to join too! All students are required to audition at the following times:


Wanju Voices (Boys & Girls Y4-6) Mon 8 Feb 3:15-4pm, GBLT

Treble Choir (Boys & Girls Y7-9) Wed 10 Feb 3:15-4:15pm, GBLT

Sing a verse and chorus of a song of your choice. No need to sign up, just turn up!

Strings: Chamber Orchestra, String Orchestra, String Quartets

Mon 15 Feb 7:15-8:30am, MacKillop Room

Prepare 2 short excerpts (available at the Music Office) as well as a short piece of your choice. Sign up at the Music Office!


Ensemble Rehearsals will commence in the following weeks (see Ensemble Timetable for specific times/locations - there are some changes in 2016):

Week 2: Chamber Choir, Barbershop, Senior Madrigal, Concert Band, Wind Band, Clarinet & Saxophone Ensembles, Primary Band, Swing Band, Percussion Ensemble, Guitar Ensembles

Week 3: Wanju Voices, Treble Choir, Junior Flute Ensemble, Small Combo

Week 4: Chamber Orchestra, String Orchestra, String Quartets, Senior Flute Ensemble

*Please note: Mini Minors and Year 5 Band will commence at the start of Term 2.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Music Office (email or phone 9383 0440) with any questions as we start the year.

Katherine Alexander - Director of Music