Week 3 has been an exciting time. On Tuesday we had students from Corpus Christi and Newman Colleges join our Year 8 students for a Magis workshop on critical thinking and ethics. College alumni Tom Atkins, recently graduated from The University of Notre Dame with a Grad Dip in Education, assisted with the workshop. The students explored ideas about identity, truth and story-telling. They did some very interesting work on Life of Pi, and then considered difficult philosophical questions such as; "Can the truth ever be a certainty for human beings? Are we ethically bound to always tell truth? Does the truth matter?" I was really challenged by some of the questions the students raised in relation to these ideas. The sophistication of ideas and the beautifully respectful way the students all related to each other, despite some quite heated differences in thinking, was inspiring. At the end of the day I asked if any of the students had any questions. The response was; "When can we do this again?"

Nominations continue to come in for our Summer Design Studio at UWA. This is for students entering Year 12 in 2014. Students can enrol on-line at:


The Library continues to be a hub of activity with its multi-faceted role in the College. Primary and secondary classes are busy working with all our resources. Year 12 students are using their time in the Library to study and for intense tutoring with teachers. Year 11 students are also making the most of time before and after school to study.

Pre Primary student Tilly Williamson with her favourite book.

We have our final delivery of new books for 2013 now on display for borrowers. We are also displaying recent returns so avid readers can see what others have found of interest. Orders of eBooks are still being added to Overdrive with some recent additions of senior fiction. Students can down load from Overdrive at home. The app is free. Library Officers are still weeding our non-fiction books to clear our shelves of out-of-date resources. In the meantime staff have been checking through deleted books to ensure they are not needed as teaching resources.

On Tuesday next week Mrs Truscott is running a staff PD on more IT skills, while we are also planning some photography workshops for staff to run before the end of the year. In relation to IT, Library staff have been trained in iPad use and students are welcome to bring their questions and problems with iPads to the Library Help Desk. Mrs Truscott and Mrs Woodbourne are happy to help with all queries, as are the Help Desk staff who are on the desk from 8am to 4pm. We look forward to seeing members of your family in the Ignatius Centre soon.