On Monday this week I had a meeting at UWA to discuss the Design Studio we run every January. The Studio runs for a week from 19 January 2015. It is designed as an extension opportunity for gifted students entering Year 12 in 2015. However younger students are welcome to apply and can speak with me about enrolling. The University also encourages students who are interested in any design or media course to enrol as it is an excellent introduction to those disciplines at the University. For more information go to:

All Magis clubs other than Astronomy and Chess are running this term and students are encouraged to involve themselves in the wide range of activities we offer. We hope that Astronomy Club will start again as soon as Mr Mazur returns to the College.

Next week I am running a PD at the Art Gallery of Western Australia for the Primary Philosothon. This is a program for gifted students that we initiated last year. Numbers have grown to the point that at least two will run each year. The Gallery has generously offered to organise them in the future. The PD will introduce staff to Howard Gardner's 'multiple intelligences' as well as the philosophical underpinning of the program. It has been specifically designed for gifted students and is a superb extension opportunity.


On Monday I also met with the SRC to discuss how the Library might best meet their needs as they head into their final round of examinations this semester. We discussed the possibility of extending the Library hours for Year 12 students and also providing them with warm drinks while they study. I have been discussing tutorials for Year 12 students with teaching staff and we hope to begin those soon. These will run after school from 3.15 until 4pm. I will inform students when the tutorials start.

On display in the Library is an extensive range of new fiction titles for secondary students. Students are encouraged to come and browse our new books. Also on display are new eBooks available on Overdrive. If students are unsure how to access these titles, Help Desk staff will be delighted to help them. There are eBooks for both secondary and primary students as well as adult readers.