Year 8 News

Year 8 Exams

Year 8 students have Semester 1 exams in week 9 of this term. Most students will have exams in Mathematics, Studies of Society and Environment, English, Science and Religion. The exams will cover the entire semester's work, with the exception of Science that will focus on the Chemistry component of the semester. The exams will be between 1 and 2 hours long and will form a percentage of students Semester 1 grade.

For most students these exams will be challenging, as it is the first time they have attempted an examination of a semester's work. As such, preparation is important if students are to do their best. To prepare students, subject teachers will revise the semester's work in class. However, it is equally important that students have the initiative of doing their own revision program.

Students should aim to complete an extra 15 - 20 minutes revision a night, in addition to homework and assignments given to them by teachers. This extra revision could be reading through notes and workbooks, completing revision activities from worksheets and text books or attempting problems that posed a difficulty when tried the first time. This extra revision can be planned using the student planners that were given to students at the start of year 7.

Dirk Gleghorn
Dean of Year Eight