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Dear Parents

Last Wednesday 23rd May, National Simultaneous Story Time was held in schools and local libraries throughout Australia. This is a fantastic concept where children all over Australia share the same book on the same day and time. This year the children enjoyed listening to the story 'The Very Cranky Bear', by Nick Bland.

We often forget that reading to a child should continue well past the time when they have become an independent reader. Most children would love having Mum or Dad read to them. I know many parents who have picked out an old favourite of theirs such as 'James and The Giant Peach' by Roald Dahl or the 'Narnia' series and thoroughly enjoyed reading this to their children. As part of our ongoing commitment to fostering a love of reading, please come and visit our library with your children, it is full of an amazing number of fiction and non- fiction books. You may even want to spend a few minutes in the library before or after school reading to your child/ren.

10 Great Reasons to Read Aloud to Children
  1. When you read to children and give them this attention, they know you love them.

  2. Reading to children encourages them to become readers.

  3. Listening to stories will help develop your child's attention span.

  4. Books will help your children's imaginations soar.

  5. Illustrations in children's books rank with the best, giving children a lifelong appreciation for beautiful art.

  6. Books are one great way of passing on your values.

  7. Children's books today are so well written that they are fun even for adults.

  8. Until children learn to read themselves, they will think you create magic.

  9. When you give them this gift, you will create memories that last a lifetime.

  10. Every teacher and librarian you ever meet will thank you!

Thank you to Miss Beros and the students from Year 2G for organising today's wonderful assembly. Our assemblies are always a great opportunity for each of our classes to showcase the great work that they are doing in their classrooms and this was no exception. I am sure all who attended thoroughly enjoyed the entertaining presentation about fairy-tales.

This Sunday 3rd June is a very special day for remembering our Founder, Pope John XXIII. In addition, it was also a lovely opportunity for all the primary students to gather around the statue for the 'Pope's Picnic Lunch'. It was wonderful to see the students building the 'food wall' at the front of the College. This provided a visual reminder for us that that we can all follow the wonderful example of John XXIII and show compassion for others. Special thanks to all families for supporting this 'giving day'.

It has been a busy few weeks in the Year 6 classrooms with lots of learning taking place! We hope you enjoy reading some of the students' recounts and reflections about their experiences in Canberra.

Antoinette De Pinto
Head of Primary

A Capital Experience by Aoife Whelan, 6G

On the 15th of May the Year Sixes and some carefully chosen staff embarked on an epic adventure to the nation's capital. The excitement had been building for weeks.Two plane rides and a city (Melbourne) later we had arrived in Canberra. After settling into our dormitories and eating dinner we paid a visit to Cockington Green Gardens, an enchanting display of extremely detailed miniature buildings.

The next morning, we woke to breakfast and a fantastic view of hot air balloons rising over the treetops. First, we went to Parliament House and sat in the House of Representatives and The Senate, but unfortunately Parliament wasn't sitting. It was quite a special feeling sitting in the same place laws were made. After lunch in the Rose Garden, a tranquil spot near Old Parliament House, we then visited Old Parliament House (now the Australian Museum of Democracy). In the Australian Museum of Democracy we learnt about the history of democracy in Australia. Next, we went to the National Portrait Gallery, which features paintings of people who have shaped our nation.

We had many other fantastic experiences in Canberra. But, sadly, all things have to end, and so did our camp. I personally gained memories I shall never forget and would do it all again in a heartbeat. The School Camp to Canberra was undeniably a once in a lifetime experience.

By Finn Rowbottam, 6G

On Tuesday, 15th May, Year 6 and I went to Canberra. I was so excited that when we landed at Canberra Airport I almost exploded with joy! When we got to the Bush Capital Lodge we had Spaghetti Bolognaise for dinner. Then we went to the beautiful Cockington Green Garden and we went on a miniature train ride and we enjoyed a tour of the mini houses and landmarks. Then we headed back to the lodge and slept in our dorms. I enjoyed the New Parliament House and the Old Parliament House and I especially enjoyed the War Memorial. I tried to find my Great-Uncle's name on the Wall of Honours, but I couldn't find it. I liked the Vietnam War section because I am interested in spies. Questacon was brilliant because you could play air hockey against a robot and there was also a pole you hang from and when you let go, you fall and slide down a ramp. We also went to AMF Bowling, which was really fun. On Friday we went to the National Film and Sound Archive and I watched the 1940's Aeroplane Jelly ad. On our last day we went to the Australian Institute of Sport and I learnt about one of my favourite basketball players, Luc Longley. We also went to the Mint, and that was really interesting because I like the history of money. Then we went back to Perth and I was happy to see my family again. I really enjoyed my experience in Canberra.

By Keely Morphett, 6G

On the Year 6 camp we had a wonderful time. We flew to Canberra on the 15th May and stayed at Bush Capital Lodge. After a quick look around our dorms we headed out to our first attraction. Cockington Green Gardens was a lovely place. We all had a great time looking at the delicately crafted miniature replica buildings and people and also going on the steam train ride.

On Wednesday, we got smartly dressed in our uniforms to go to Parliament House. The building itself was interesting as it was built in the side of a hill and the view from the top of the roof was breathtaking. The tour showed us a selection of the more than 4000 rooms inside and highlighted some of the lovely artwork.

After visiting Parliament House, we visited Old Parliament House (Museum of Australian Democracy). It was a great way to learn about democracy and the governing of our nation. After lunch in a rose garden and then we went to the National Portrait Gallery and looked at some exquisite portraits.

Questacon was a hit at night time, especially the 8m Free Fall and the Earth Quake House.

On the third day, we went to the Australian War Memorial and remembered all the courageous men and women that fought for our country. We felt very grateful as we placed a poppy next to the name of a soldier who had died. Next we went to Government House. Unfortunately the Governor General, Quentin Bryce wasn't home but we did get to see her Rolls Royce. A walk in the massive Government House gardens was refreshing before heading back to the War Memorial to hear the call of the Last Post.

Ten pin bowling after dinner was enjoyed by everyone.

Friday began with a drive to the Mt Ainslie lookout before heading to CSIRO. Here we heard about a lot of interesting new discoveries including glue made by frogs that is being used to hold broken bones into place and getting the DNA out of a chickpea.

The National Film and Sound Archive was cool and had us all dancing to the Wiggles. The National Museum was filled with many interesting exhibitions for example there was a section that showed a selection of joyful, mysterious, faithful, happy and sad stories from Australia's past.

After dinner we went to the National Dinosaur Museum where we listened and learned about those huge creatures from the past.

Saturday started with a visit to the Australian Institute of Sport which I loved. We were taken on a tour by a current AIS athlete and we got to see areas where the athletes train, such as, the gym, swimming pool, tennis courts, gymnastics arena and volley ball courts. The Australian Institute of Sport is certainly a place of motivation and inspiration.

Next was the Royal Mint where we saw lots of money. Our visit finished with an embassy tour where we drove past most of the embassies in Canberra.

We boarded a flight home via Sydney on the 19th May and arrived home to the clapping and cheers of our parents. Overall, we had a WONDERFUL time and I hope to go back soon.

Cockington Green Gardens by Harper Quinlan 6B

Cockington Green Gardens is a display of small buildings from all around the world. It has a wide range of miniature buildings based on buildings all around the world, it currently has buildings from 20 different countries. Each building is an exact scale to the real building.

Cockington Green Gardens is located in Gold Creek Village in Canberra., it was opened there first in 1979 by a couple named Doug and Brenda Sarah.

Cockington Green Gardens is an amazing tourist attraction and has a small train ride which takes you around the displays of the international area.

Cockington Green Gardens is an incredible tourist attraction that is constantly adding models and figurines to their amazing variety of buildings. Cockington Green Gardens is one of the most popular Australian attractions, it has won the Australian Tourism Award and many other awards.

Questacon by Tim Egan 6B

Questacon is a 'Scitech-like' building that makes learning about Science lively! The exhibitions are 'hands-on' so you will get a physical work out while you're there.

The outside is made up of two cube-shaped buildings either side of a glass cube. The inside, however is a huge area that has activities right at the door.

Questacon is located on King Edward Terrace, Canberra. Once inside, you go up a curved ramp into a fun room of Science exhibits with which you can have hours of excitement playing. The exhibits include a room where you can experience a real-life earthquake or thunder storm or even a 6 metre free fall drop.

I think Questacon is a great place for children that helps you learn about Science and have fun at the same time.


4th June - Western Australia Day Holiday

8th June - Primary Mass (Kindly prepared by 3G)


Congratulations to Laura Trapnell and her sub-junior group as they came fourth in the Australian National Championships with their rope rhythmic routine. We are very proud that Laura was able to represent our State in this important competition.