From Dean of Year Eleven

Year 11 Seminar Day

Year Elevens participated in two valuable workshops last week. David Kobler from Choicez Media presented a workshop to the boys on Male issues including topics such as: being a male in today's world, relationships and pornography. The girl's workshop was based on being a Female in today's world, relationships and the sexualisation of girls.

David's presentation was engaging, creative and very enlightening. He was able to challenge the students and really make them think about the issues confronting them. Many of the staff who were at the presentation commented that it was fantastic and that it was very appropriate and timely for our students.

The students were also involved in a workshop by a group called Elevate. This was a series of Study Skills strategies to assist students in commencing their Year 11 academic studies with a positive sense of how to organise themselves. The students covered two topics: Study Sensei where they were given lots of practical strategies and Time Management. Again any of our teachers present in these workshops thought they were very good and offered the students an abundance of ideas for their studies. These workshops were interactive whereby students wrote in valuable strategies, steps, goals etc. into the booklets provided by the presenters. You may want to have a discussion with your children about the workshops.

Pilgrimage 2013

Thank you to all those who attended the Pilgrimage Information Night this week, there certainly is a lot of interest amongst our students. The process for applying for Pilgrimage is on the brochure. A copy of the reference form and the brochure are available on the College website. Please note the closing date for the application is 6th March. Students must have their letter of application in to Student Reception by the closing of school on the 6th March. If you don't have the references completed still get your letter in. The references can follow as soon as possible.

Any queries please don't hesitate to contact me on:


I hope your child has settled into the routine of Year 11 studies. Remember the assessment policy for Years 11 and 12 must be adhered to and any student failing to be in attendance on the day of an assessment or fails to hand in their work on the due date is penalised in accordance to the policy.

If you have any queries about this please contact either the Head of Learning for a particular subject area, Mr Williams (Deputy 7-12 Curriculum) or myself (Dean of Year 11)

Gemma Wooltorton
Dean of Year Eleven