Around the Primary

A big thank you to the many families who came along to the Parent Information sessions that were held this week. Special thanks to the staff for all their work in preparing for these sessions. Just in case you were not able to attend these sessions information can be found on the College website. I would also like to take this opportunity to encourage parents to keep in regular contact with your child's teacher throughout the year.

The well-known African proverb reminds us that 'it takes a village to raise a child'. We are a village - particularly staff and parents. It is our role to plan, guide, assist, mentor, advise, console, listen, discipline, teach, support, nurture, motivate, pass on wisdoms, pray with and challenge our children. Children may face some challenges during their school years and will need support along the way - friendship and social issues, learning challenges, and/or personal challenges. Just like a loving family or 'village' a good school relies on each member to think, speak and act with care and compassion and genuine concern for others.

There is also an inherent trust here at John XXIII and here are some key ways parents can assist staff in their work:

  • Trusting teachers - they have each child's best interest at heart.
  • If you have a question or concern, go to the teacher directly; speak calmly in a spirit of goodwill and co-operation.
  • Don't speak about other children, parents or staff in front of your children.
  • Be generous with encouragement!

The children from 3G prepared a lovely Lenten Mass today based on the importance of prayer. Through prayer and song, the children were reminded that we turn away from God when we do the wrong thing, but prayer always brings us back to God. This weekend please take the time to talk to the children about the importance of making a place for Jesus in their lives and following the example of Jesus by loving and caring for our families, our friends and our classmates.

Some important date reminders:

  • Wednesday, 6th March - Paul Dillon 7 pm in Roncalli Hall
  • Thursday, 7th March - Years 3-6 Interhouse Twilight Swimming Carnival from 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm at Claremont Pools.
  • Friday, 8th March - Late 11 am start for all Pre-Primary to Year 6 students.
  • Friday, 8th March - Assembly at 11 am in Roncalli Hall
  • Saturday, 9th March - Primary Picnic from 5.30 pm
The Opening of the St Louis Sports Centre Ash Wednesday

Enjoy the weekend!

Antoinette De Pinto
Head of Primary