In the week beginning 18 January, secondary students including John XXlll College Year 11 student Kieran Lim, met in the Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts Faculty at UWA for an intensive learning experience. Students were introduced to Faculty staff and given a design brief. Over four days they were to design an outdoor reading space. On Tuesday morning the group toured the Law, Science and EDFA Libraries at UWA. They explored the spaces and drew. They observed how students used the spaces to read and how the libraries are designed to facilitate reading. Their week culminated in an exhibition. The Studio has been an annual event since 2004. Each year we provide students with a different design brief. The quality of the student work this year was outstanding. Faculty staff observed the student work was equivalent to that of a second year architecture student.

Dr Annette Pedersen - Magis & Ignatius Centre Coordinator

magis-1.jpg magis-2.jpg
Kieran discussing his work Kieran's model