About Us

Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday: 7.30am to 5.00pm (before and after school for Secondary students only)

Friday : 8.30 am to 3.30 pm (before and after school for Secondary students only)

The Library is open every lunchtime for reading and study.

Primary students may borrow and return books with parental supervision before or after school. The Library is open to Primary students during lunchtimes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.


Students can borrow, reserve and renew books from the Library. Requests for new books can be given to Library Staff at any time. Library items are on loan for a 2 week period for Secondary students ,and a 1 week loan period for Primary students.

If students have overdue books, they will be reminded in home room and library class and sent reminder emails. Follow up phone calls may also be made to students/parents if items remain outstanding. If books are lost, then replacment costs will need to be paid.

Printing, copying, binding and laminating services are also available to students.

Smart Rider applications are processed through the library. Forms are available are available at the Library Front Desk and usually take a week to process through Monitor WA. There is a $5 fee for replacement cards.

The Library also provides an iPad helpdesk where students can get assistance with any iPad related issues and queries.

Library Staff

Magis and Ignatius Centre Coordinator: Dr Annette Pedersen

Primary Teacher Librarian:
 Mrs Lorraine Holmes

Library Technician, K-12: Ms Ali Carlton

Digital Media Assistant:
 Ms Catherine Woods

Library Officers:
 Mrs Liane Woodborne, 
Mrs Alison Edwards, 
Mrs Jane Hine