Another busy week has passed for Magis. Magis students have participated in the Australian Maths Competition, providing a great challenge for them. The Media Club met on Wednesday. There are so many media competitions available and projects for them to consider that students have to plan very carefully. I was able to run a PD for Art Gallery Staff to prepare them for the Year 7 Philosothon in November. They are very enthusiastic and it is good to leave the program in such good hands. The English Learning Area has initiated a wonderful creative writing competition for Year 9 students. Interested students can see me or speak to their English teacher. This beautifully links their English and Religion courses.


Library staff have been very busy processing a variety of new books for our readers. New books are on display in the entrance to the Library. We are also busy preparing for Book Week in Week 5. Many more books will be on display. Our avid student readers are welcome any time to browse. Study Club is busy on Wednesday afternoon and all lower school students are welcome. Year 12 students have asked that we open to 9pm to enable them to use the Library resources. I will email them when we organise this.

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