Year 8/9 Hockey

John XXIII College v Scotch Hockey

Congratulations to the Year 8/9 Boys Hockey team who drew 1-1 with the undefeated Year 9A Scotch Hockey team in an exhibition match on Wednesday afternoon.

There was a smaller crowd than the much publicised 'Scotch Cup'; however the lack of banners, marquees and fanfare didn't stop the boys from creating a fantastic spectacle.

The JTC team scored first through a spectacular high shot from Campbell Collins and created a number of opportunities before the Scotch team found their rhythm and equalised just before half time.

The second half was a see-sawing affair with neither side gaining the ascendency. Both teams were denied goals by some excellent goal keeping and the deadlock could not be broken before the final siren.

Well done to all of the players listed below:

Year 8: Campbell Collins, Ollie Harrington

Year 9: Harry Paull, Matthew Harms, David Harms, Daniel Beech, David Stokes, Steven Vincent, Zac Fryer, David Wishaw.

Goal keeper: Isaac Broderick (Year 10)