John XXIII College Houses

Campion House - Named after the English Martyr and Saint, Sir Edmund Campion, whose characteristics are expressed in the House motto, "Faith and Courage".

Campion House

Koolyangarra House - The white dove of Koolyangarra House represents the peace which the Christian message offers the world. The motto of Koolyangarra House is "Strength, Spirit and Justice".

Koolyangarra House

Loreto House - Named after the religious order founded by Mary Ward, The Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Loreto motto is "In the Cross, while I breathe, I trust".

Loreto House

Loyola House - St Ignatius Loyola was a man inspired by the Holy Spirit who, through his Christian witness, created an order which became "men for others". The motto of Loyola House is "As much as you are able, that much dare to do".

Loyola House

St Louis House - Named after a young student who gave his life in the care of those suffering with illness and shunned by social prejudice. The St Louis House motto is "I strive for higher things".

St Louis House

Ward House - Named after Mary Ward, a woman of great spirit who sought to do good to others and achieve excellence in these efforts. The Ward House motto expresses the ideals of Mary Ward, "Freedom, Justice, and Sincerity".

Ward House