Do you have a @gmail.com or @me.com or live.com email address and are not receiving emails from the College?

This is important information for you!

The College uses a bulk emailing program called GroupMail on a regular basis to send out bulk email notifications to parents. Some free online email offerings (@gmail.com / @me.com / @live.com) don't like bulk email being sent from one sender (GroupMail) and may classify it as spam or block it completely.

Mail classification depends heavily on end users periodically checking their "Junk Email" or "Spam" folders as this is where these free email offerings typically route messages that they're unsure of. Gmail users can mark and unmark messages as spam, and can move non-spam messages from their "Spam" folder to their "Inbox". Over time, Gmail learns from end users classifying email and automatically adjusts the classification to match users' preferences in future.

Parents have the option of clicking a 'Not spam' button for each message flagged by the spam filters Please ensure that the email address (or sender) . . .


. . . . is set as a "Trusted sender".

As long as our parents don't consider our mail as spam, parents should not have inbox delivery problems when being sent bulk email from the College.

There are two important factors that, under normal circumstances, help messages arrive in Gmail users' inboxes:

 The 'From:' address is listed in the user's Contacts list.

 A user clicks 'Not Spam' to alert Gmail that messages sent from that address are solicited.

For further information on "Whitelisting" (trusting) sender email addresses, please check the "Support" section of your respective online email platform/vendor.

Thank you.

John XXIII College IT Department