Around the Primary

Dear Parents

We have had a wonderful year in the Primary school. Many thanks for all your support, thoughtfulness, generosity and cooperation throughout the year - it has been greatly appreciated.

Congratulations and best wishes to all our Year 6 Graduates of 2015. Each one of them has grown so much this year in so many different ways. We now send them onto Secondary school confident that they are ready for the challenges ahead.


Ella Aquino
Bailey Arundell
Grace Barbour
Zachary Barrett
Grace Budimlich
Holly Cannon
Declan Carroll
Abbey Chapman
Matthew Clement
Claudia Clyne
Domenic Cole
Sebastian Cole
Eliane Dawkins
Hayden de Courtenay
Rosa Defrancesco
Edward Drake
Olivia Eastwood
Grace Edgley
Abbey Fethers
Sophie Flack
Benjamin Fuller
Christopher Fuller
Charlotte Gellard
Matthew Goonewardene
Caitlin Green
James Hodge
Alina Jory
Stella Kenny
Joshua King
Thomas Kitchin
Jason Ko
Talei Macdougall
Charlotte Maggi
Olive Matthews
Rebecca McGurgan
Kanan Miranda
Oliver Mitteregger
Daniel Morgan
Bethanie Newton
Benjamin Newton
Lachlan Preston
James Purdy
Thomas Rear
McKenzie Richardson
Alex Rolls
Jemma Rolls
Emma Scalise
Emilio Serra
Michael Skerratt
Mia Smith
Thomas Standen
Georgia Than-Htay
Benjamin Thomasz
David Thomson
Ashleigh Tudori
William Vardanega
Ruby Vlahov
Georgia Wholley
Jemima Wren
Levi Young

Special thanks to all the parents that helped with the preparations for Graduation Morning Tea in the Exhibition Centre.

Neysa Gellard
Lidia Fethers
Marnie Hamilton
MJ Rowbottan
Kath Arundell and
Anna Wholley

We also thank all the super-sewers for making the Graduation stoles.

Neysa Gellard and her Mum
Alexia Serra
Diane Vardanega
Lidia Fethers
Marnie Hamilton
Lizzie Eastwood and
Annie Chapman

Finally, a big thank you to all the Year 5 parents for their hard work on the day. Your time and efforts were greatly appreciated.

graduation-a.jpg graduation-b.jpg

guard-of-honour-a.jpg miss-de-pinto.jpg

We love to dance! Our EduDance extravaganza was a fabulous opportunity for the children to showcase the dancing skills they have developed over the term. All children left the EduDance Showcase filled with such a wonderful sense of achievement. Thank you for all the positive feedback, from all accounts everyone was very impressed with this new program.

edudance-a.jpg edudance-b.jpg

edudancec.jpg eedudance-c.jpg

Wishing you all a safe and holy Christmas.

Happy holidays!

Kind Regards

Antoinette De Pinto
Head of Primary


Enjoy the Summer Holidays!

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