Magis News

As is traditional for our Magis Learning Area at John XXlll College the year finished on a high note. Our Year 8 Magis students joined students from Newman and Corpus Christi Colleges for two days intense learning. The focus of their learning was the land. On 9 December the students spent the day at John XXlll College exploring the cultural and historical implications of ideas about land. They also considered the concept of narrative and how we construct stories about the landscape. They worked together to draft and tell their own stories.

On 10 December we met early in the morning at the War Memorial where the group contemplated the Memorial and what it stands for before beginning the Boodja Gnarning Walk. This was a very close examination of the landscape thinking about Nyoongar ceremonies, celebrations and hunting. Students were fascinated by the plants, insects and birds we found during our walk. In fact, a couple of the students had close encounters with the wild life.

We finished the day at the Kings Park Education Centre where students were introduced to the science of botany. They worked in small groups to gather their samples from Naturescape. Students collected, sorted and classified seeds with plant specimens. They finished with seeds ready to plant at their schools.

During this time Filipa Carvalho, Head of Academic Excellence at Corpus Christi College, and I were able to meet with John XXlll College parent Ron Fyneman, to discuss the logistics of an extended gifted program designed around crime. We are considering writing a new cross campus program for next year. The various aspects of crime offer a potentially rich learning experience for our gifted lower school students. The concept is attractive as it offers a multitude of ways in which to engage, challenge and extend gifted students across diverse discourses.

I wish all our community a joyful Christmas and happy New Year. I look forward to many more exciting adventures with our Magis students in 2016.