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'Family focused, parish-based, Catholic school-supported'

"Your unique and indispensable role in your child's Catholic Christian formation is one that both school and parish endorse and support. It is your privilege and responsibility, which follows from your commitment when your child was baptised, to present your child for the sacraments." Your family celebrates the sacrament in your home parish, the parish community in which you regularly participate.

Is your child in Year 2, 3, or 5?

John XXIII College prepares children for the various sacraments during the course of the year's religious education programs: Year 3 - Reconciliation, Year 4 - Eucharist, Year 6 - Confirmation.

Enrol in your Parish for 2016

Many parishes are now setting dates and offering enrolment opportunities for the 2016 program.

Parents are encouraged to begin that conversation with their child and to contact their parish priest or parish sacrament coordinator to enrol their child in the 2016 program. The John XXIII College primary curriculum includes the relevant sacrament unit content. our College is enriched by families from many Parishes, not all of them close by. Parents are encouraged to enrol in their home parish. Information for all parishes may be found on the archdiocesan website.

As parish information becomes available, it will be included here - as well as on the College website.


Enrolment Date: Monday 9 February 2015 7:30pm

Venue: Parish Centre, Cnr Elizabeth & Tyrell Streets, Nedlands

Refer to the attached Sacramental Preparation Programmes letter for further information.

Registration Forms are available on the website here, in the church-porch or from the parish office. Please complete a form to bring to the registration session.


Sacraments enrolling now

Closing Date: Wednesday, 19 February 20156
Venue: Cnr Grantham Street / Kenmore Crescent, Floreat

Enrolment forms and further information is available here.

For further information contact: Mary-Anne Lumley, Parish Liaison


In this season of joy and promise, many families look for ways to celebrate Advent and Christmas in a way that has meaning and hope for themselves and for the world. Most parishes will be holding special events, some particularly oriented towards children and young people.

Some of the liturgies and events from our local parishes will be included here over the coming weeks.


Road to Bethlehem - Readings & Carols for Advent
Please refer to the attached flyer for further information.
Date: Monday 7 December, 2015
Time: 7pm


Christmas Eve:
6.30pm Family Mass - Loreto School Nedlands Oval
7.00pm Vigil Mass - Carmel Monastery
12.00 Midnight Mass - Holy Rosary Church

Christmas Day:
9.00am Mass - Holy Rosary Church
10.00am Mass - Carmel Monastery


Christmas Eve:
6.00pm Family Mass - St Cecilia's
8.00pm Mass - Our Lady of Victories

Christmas Day:
7.30am Mass - Our Lady of Victories
9.30am Mass - St Cecilia's


Christmas Eve:
5.00pm Family Mass (Children invited to wear their favourite Nativity costume)
7.00pm Family Mass (Children invited to wear their favourite Nativity costume)
9.00pm Mass
11.00pm Mass

Christmas Day:
7.30am Mass
9.30am Mass


Sacrament of Reconciliation:
6:00pm 2nd Rite of Reconciliation

Christmas Eve:
6:00pm Children's Mass
8:00pm Vigil Mass (followed by supper in Parish Centre)
11:30pm Midnight Mass (Christmas Carols from 10:45pm)

Christmas Day:
8:00am Mass
9:30am Mass
5:30pm Mass


Christmas Eve:
5:30pm Children's Mass
8:00pm Vigil Mass

Christmas Day:
7:30am Mass
9:30am Mass


Christmas Eve:
5:30pm English Mass Cottesloe
6:30pm Spanish Mass Cottesloe
6:00pm Mass Mosman Park
11:30pm Midnight Mass Cottesloe

Christmas Day:
8:30am Mass Mosman Park
9:30am Mass Cottesloe

liturgy.jpgYEAR OF MERCYdoors.png

… in our Archdioces of Perth
Tomorrow night Archbishop of Perth, Timothy Costelloe sds, will celebrate the commencement of the Jubilee Year of Mercy with the opening of the Holy Door at St Mary's Cathedral.

The landmark event will take place at the 6.00pm Mass, with all members of the Perth Catholic community invited to come together for the occasion.

Where: St Mary's Cathedral, Victoria Square, Perth.

When: Saturday 12 December

Time: At the 6:00pm Mass

Who: All welcome!

'GOOD NEWS' for Third Sunday in Advent

(Luke 3: 10-18)

The reflection is from Fr Michael Tate's homily for this Sunday's gospel and is printed here, with kind permission. Fr Michael Tate is currently Parish Priest in the Archdiocese of Hobart and is Catholic Chaplain to the University of Tasmania, where he is an honorary Professor of Law.

I want you to be happy

I received a traffic infringement notice a little while ago. As you may know, it is the demerit points which are the real punishment because they accumulate and suddenly one finds oneself disqualified to drive.

Some people have an image of God as a Police Commissioner issuing demerit points for infringements of various rules. Break a major moral law and one loses twelve points straight off (mortal sin). But even minor infractions accumulate and one finds oneself disqualified to enter Heaven.

What a pathetic image of the Creator of the Universe. What a pathetic image of the Christian way of life.

The populace at Philippi had their own image of 'divinity'. About thirty years before Christ, Marcus Antony had defeated Brutus and Cassius at Philippi and many Roman soldiers settled there.

They and their households had an idea of the Divine as despotic absolute power, just as likely to throw you to the lions as put a garland around your head. The Divine was probably wishing the worst for you. The most you could do was some sort of deal to placate divine power, to get on the right side.

St Paul wrote to the populace at Philippi with a very different image of God in mind. Paul had become the apostle of God's attitude to human beings: 'I want you to be happy, always happy in the Lord. I repeat, what I want is your happiness.'

Paul is imitating or, better, expressing God's deepest desire for us. Does that sound like a God whom one has to placate out of fear, someone one has to appease by keeping the rules for fear of destruction?

No, God wants us to be happy. Thomas Aquinas says the goal of human life is Happiness, being flooded with bliss, beatitude. We are to image God as a Divine Lover who loved us into existence, sustains us in love, and destines us for love.

We can experience it even now. When that happens, then we are taken well beyond the realm of negativity, keeping the rules, doing deals.200x181-liturgy-1112515.jpg.png

Image credit: © Dorothy Woodward rsj, Emmaus Productions

Of course there are prohibitions. John the Baptist tells the tax collectors and soldiers: 'You must not use your position to exploit and financially ruin those vulnerable to your power.' But that merely clears away the ugly side of life. It is a minimalist approach.

John the Baptist challenged his followers: 'If anyone has two tunics he must share with the one who has none. And the one with something to eat must do the same.'

John the Baptist foresaw a time of extravagant generosity, outrageous generosity. But, he senses it needed an impetus beyond his role and power. 'There is one coming after me who will immerse you in the Holy Spirit and fire.'

That is what happened at Pentecost. Our Risen Lord had immersed his followers in His Holy Spirit and the disciples experienced the Divine Will for their Happiness as if it were wind and fire, and we are told they sold all their possessions and distributed to such as had need….

In two weeks' time, we will celebrate the unparalleled generosity of the gift of the divine baby in the manger. Why did Divine Love overflow in this way? The answer lies in St Paul's letter to the people at Philippi. God is not a despotic Caesar issuing arbitrary edicts. God is a Divine Lover with one message: 'I want you to be happy, always happy in the Lord. I repeat, what I want is your happiness.' ©


The first Community Mass for 2016 will be Friday 12 February.
Everyone is welcome to be part of this community celebration which begins in the Chapel and continues in the café afterwards for those able to stay.

When: Fridays in Term time
Time: 8:00am start - 8:30am finish
Where: College Chapel